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U Value
This is the measure of the rate of heat loss. The lower the U Value Ratethe better it is for your house because less heat is escaping. In building and designing a space, it is more efficient to get the lowest possible U Value to keep the house warm and more comfortable to live in.back to top

Passive Window
Windows are important component in building a Passive House. The success of a passive house is also attributed to having a proper passive window that can meet the correct U Value which standard windows wont be able to achieve. Passive windows can reduce heat loss and at the same time permits sunlight to enter allowing more heat through the glass. They are well insulated and confines solar benefits. back to top

Air Tightness
Air tightness is an important part of building a Passive House. The dwelling must be able to control air leakage which goes through gaps and cracks commonly known as draughts. This happens when warm air is being replaced by the cold air entering from the outside. An air tight house can suppress heat from escaping. Conducting an air tightness test will determine the air permeability of the building.back to top

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)
Heat Recovery Ventilation retrieves the heat of stale warm air that leaves a dwelling. This air goes through an exchanger before being emitted and the heat from this air is transfered to the fresh air coming from the outside. It did not only retain the heat but it also filtered the fresh air that goes into your house.
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Thermal Bridges
Thermal Bridges or cold bridges happens when poor insulating materials allows heat to flow through paths. Passive House build reduces thermal bridges.back to top

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Client Testimonials
We made our own research on Passive House Builds but Peter Crossan and Stanhurst Limited made it more informative. They explained everything we needed to know about building a Passive House and the process of the whole construction. They are very approachable and all my queries were dealt with. They took me around and showed their past projects. We are relieved  and satisfied because we know that our house is being handled by a professional contractor who knows and has experience in building a Passive House.
(Delgany, Co. Wicklow)

Client Testimonials
We employed the services of Stanhurst Limited to build our dream home. The quality of workmanship was to the best standard and we are extremely satisfied with the house. The entire family loves the house and we enjoy every moment we spend in it. We have no hesitation in referring Stanhurst Limited to anyone considering to build their house.
(Kilternan, Co. Dublin)


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